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Jeremy Shiers

I am the father of four children. The eldest 21 and the youngest 10.

I have

Most of my career has been freelancing in computing, though there has usually been some element of maths involved.

Roughly 10 years were spent contracting for computer and telecoms companies.
Another 10 years contracting for banks in the City of London.
Here is a brief list of some projects I have worked on.

There has been some variety, for 4 years I ran a business selling computers and accounting software in Colchester. Earlier I worked in a sales support role for a company selling computer hardware and bespoke software.


One theme that has run through my career is writing. Whether it was

Teaching and Training

Another theme has been teaching or training. As a graduate student I earned money by helping with undergraduate tutorials. I have been teaching and training ever since.

Helping Children Learn Maths

Concerned about falling levels of maths achievement in schools I wrote Starting Arithmetic, which describes how I helped my children learn maths, as I believe this is something all parents can and should do.

The key is "little and often". 5 or 10 minutes a day is enough to make a huge difference provided it is done regularly, say 3 to 5 times a week.

Parents talk and read to their children, so why not spend a few minutes a day talking maths?


JeremyShiers.com is where I write about things that interest me and to show how even simple maths and science can be used to help with real world problems.

Your Project

I you have a project that you think I may be able to help with, be it

please email me at jeremy@jeremyshiers.com

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