A Big Thankyou to Dave Lambert and Frinton & Clacton Gazette

A recent post was noticed by Dave Lambert and ended up on front page of Frinton & Walton Gazette. Dave asked EA for a response and printed some of this too


link to Dave’s piece in Gazette

the post sea continues to erode wall and cliffs at Walton-on-the-Naze Dec-2015

EA are quoted as saying

The Shoreline Management Plan was not developed by the Environment Agency, but the organisation is responsible for monitoring and acting on it.

The plan says all homes, infrastructure and the sewage works will be protected – but one option to achieve that is allowing a re-alignment of the coast.

That would see the sea wall moved back to a “more sustainable position” and letting the coast shrink back to create a better tidal pattern.

The Environment Agency says that option is not in its current plans.

But it also admitted there are no sea defence schemes in place yet to protect the coastline – and it all depends on money.


which is strange as the post showed this following section from EA’s SMP2 (Shoreline Management Plan).

Is this not a plan

And this is from page 2 of  SMP2


EA may say they did not develop SMP2 but they certainly approved it.

Perhaps they’re saying SMP2 was developed by consultants working on behalf of EA.

Kind of makes you wonder why they didn’t develop the plan themselves?

Incidentally EA’s reply to Dave was quite lengthy, the Gazette only quoted a small part of it.  I’ll have something to say about the rest later.


I wonder what “a more sustainable position” means.

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