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JeremyShiers.com is where I write about things that interest me and to show how even simple maths and science can be used to help with real world problems.

I firmly believe if you can not, or do not take the time to, check what you are being told
then it is easy for you to be mislead by politicians,  governments and others.

A major factor which prompted me to start this blog was UK Environment Agency wanting to knock a hole in the sea wall about ½ a mile from my house.  This project was based on the climate change was going to cause a 1 metre rise in sea levels by 2100.

Using subtraction and division and the freely available data from Permanent Service For  Mean Sea Level, any one can see this is not happening, as I have shown here.

About Jeremy

I am the father of four children. The eldest 23 and the youngest 12.

I have

  • BSc in Physics and Chemistry
  • PhD in Experimental Particle Physics
  • BSc in Mathematics

Most of my career has been freelancing in computing, though there has usually been some element of maths involved.

12 years freelancing for computer and telecoms companies such as IBM and BT.
7 years freelancing for financial institutions in the City of London.
8 years in new ventures

Here is a brief list of some projects I have worked on.

There has been some variety, for 4 years I ran a business selling computers and accounting software in Colchester. Earlier I worked in a sales support role for a company selling computer hardware and bespoke software.


One theme that has run through my career is writing. Whether it was

  • My thesis or scientific papers
  • Contracts for supplying staff, computers or software
  • Copy for advertisements
  • Sales letters
  • Proposals for software development

Teaching and Training

Another theme has been teaching or training. As a graduate student I earned money by helping with undergraduate tutorials. I have been teaching and training ever since.

Helping Children Learn Maths

Concerned about falling levels of maths achievement in schools I wrote Starting Arithmetic, which describes how I helped my children learn maths, as I believe this is something all parents can and should do.

The key is “little and often”. 5 or 10 minutes a day is enough to make a huge difference provided it is done regularly, say 3 to 5 times a week.

Parents talk and read to their children, so why not spend a few minutes a day talking maths?

Your Project

I you have a project that you think I may be able to help with, be it

  • software development
  • commercial writing
  • an idea for your blog, or mine

please email me at jeremy AT jeremyshiers.com

Some Programming Projects

  • Develop a FX portfolio optimiser.
  • Develop a message passing operating system for a protocol tester developed by BT.
  • Design a compiler and run time system for extended version of protocol tester to allow it to test multiple protocols.
  • A C++ Excel addin library to price interest rate derivatives.
  • Lead development team to produce shopping cart and chat server for US startup.
  • Control system for printing machinery.
  • PayPal integration for sales and digital downloads at StartingArithmetic.com.

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