New Houses In Tendring – Can Electricity Supply Cope?

Tendring has been ordered to plan for around 10,000 new houses by central government. Tendring district council proposes many should be built in coastal towns and surrounding villages.  Can the electricity supply cope?

There is a large electricity substation in Great Holland called Clacton Grid, which supplies Clacton, Frinton, Walton and surrounding villages.



The pylons which bring electricity to Clacton Grid come from near Manningtree, past Horsley Cross, Tendring and Thorpe to Great Holland.


Here is a map which shows the pylons approximate route.  A distance of at least 7 miles.



So can the existing electricity supply cope with the new houses?

If so there must have been excess capacity for many years.  Why???

If not will there need to be a new substation – where will it be built?

Where will the new pylons be put to supply this new substation?

Is there enough electricity generation capacity to supply new substation?  Or is this why government has arranged for Chinese to build and run a new nuclear power station at Bradwell?


Actually there is a case of over capacity being built.

You many have noticed there are rarely hose pipe bans in Tendring, even though the rest of country suffers.  My parents told me in 50s or 60s a large reservoir was built to supply a new town which was never built.

So when new houses are built we can have hose pipe bans like the rest of the country!

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