Sea Eroding Beach By Hutleys At Seawick – Feb 2016

Google Earth images from 2000 and 20014 clearly show sea is eroding beach by Hutleys at Seawick.  I believe this is because a reef was built instead of a groyne.

4 April 20014


31 December 2000


The situation has deteriorated since 20016 and in attempt to halt the sea attacking sea wall EA(Environment Agency) has placed rocks against the sea wall.  This is the same strategy which was used at Clacton and Holland-on-Sea, which failed, and has been abandoned in favour of new rock groynes.

Why would anyone use a strategy which they tried about 3 miles away and failed??!!

I took some pictures of the beach at high tide on 30 January 2016, and low tide on 31 January.

The wind in this part of the country is predominately from the southwest.  The wind causes the waves and the reef funnels the waves onto the beach.  Had a groyne been built here it would stop the waves from reaching the beach.


The sea clearly reaches the sea wall by the reef


But immediately to the north of the next groyne there is plenty of dry sand to keep the sea away from the wall.



The rocks against sea wall do nothing to stop sea washing beach away.
And they will do nothing to stop the sea from undermining the sea wall.


 Immediately to the north, a completely different picture.



So much sand has been washed away the underlying clay is exposed.



But it’s not over yet

The sea has started to remove the sand and rocks from the groyne just to the north of the reef, by the sea wall.  How long do you think it will be before the groynes is washed away?


Why oh why oh why was a reef built which has proved to be useless.

Why have EA piled rocks against the sea wall.

Why don’t they use the rocks from reef, and against sea wall to build another groyne.  The pictures from Google Earth at the top of this post proves groynes work and the reef doesn’t.

If I was Hutleys, or had a caravan at Hutleys I would be ringing/emailing EA and my mp and councillor to ask for a new groyne to be built before the seawall is eroded away.



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