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Sea Continues To Erode Wall and Cliffs At Walton-on-the-Naze – Dec 2015

The sea wall at north east end of the Naze is being eroded away and the sea will soon break through threatening the sewage works which serves Frinton, Walton and surrounding villages. Environment Agency plan to let sea wall fail … Continue reading

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New Beach For Clacton – Naze And Seawick Falling Into Sea

Upgrade of groynes and beach at Clacton and Holland-on-Sea continues.  Nothing is done to stop sea eroding beach, sea wall and cliffs at Naze and Seawick Clacton New groynes and recharged beach at Clacton near pier   Photo from earlier … Continue reading

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New Holland Haven Groynes Covered By Super High Tide

High tide at Holland on 22 March 2015 was 4.9m over ½ meter higher than normal and about level predicted in 100 years time. The new groynes were completely covered.   The locations in Tendring where the sea covers the … Continue reading

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Work Starts On New Sea Defences At Holland Haven

Or at least removing old groynes        

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Did Dawlish Sea Wall Fail Due To Lack Of Groynes? – May 2014

Pictures of Dawlish show there are few, if any,  groynes which allows the sea to erode the sea wall.   Looking around Tendring in North Essex, some places have well designed and maintained groynes – and a good beach with … Continue reading

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Unusually High Levels Of Sand Frinton Whalings Show How Groynes Trap Sand April 2014

Unusually high levels of sand at Whalings in Frinton demonstrate  groynes help keep sand in place in the beach. My family have had a hut at whalings for over 50 years.  In April 2014  I noticed the sand was higher, … Continue reading

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Dawlish Sea Wall Network Rail Build Breakwater In A Week – Feb 2014

Dawlish sea wall supporting railway line washed away 4 February 2014.  By 12 February a breakwater had been built.  Why wasn’t this done before? The Problem The Solution The Questions If Network Rail could come up with a solution, even … Continue reading

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New Groynes For Clacton and Holland – Will They Work – Jan 2014

Plans for new groynes at Clacton and Holland have been exhibited and are available at TDC website. Will they work?  Here are some reasons to think not. You can see the planning application by going to idox.tendringdc.gov.uk/online-applications/ and entering 13/01195/FUL … Continue reading


Coastal Erosion At Naze And Seawick After Tidal Surge Dec 2013

The north east  of Naze and Seawick are two places in Tendring suffering from bad coastal erosion which was worsened by the Dec 2013 tidal surge. The Naze In January 2013 the view from cliff at north of naze was … Continue reading

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Clacton And Holland Beaches – May 2013

Following Clacton and Holland Beach Hut Association meeting on 4 May 2013 Trevor Bright sent some questions to June Clare of TDC.  Here are the questions and answers. But first a note about the meeting. Douglas Carswell (local mp) Peter … Continue reading

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