UK May 2012 Rain – Holland Brook Floods Despite The Drought

On Monday 30 April I posted about EA plan to breach sea wall between Frinton and Holland.

During the week it rained a lot and by Friday there were floods all over Tendring.

5 May 2012

From Holland Road, Great Holland looking south


Little Clacton Road, Great Holland looking north


Little Clacton Road, Great Holland  looking south



Wednesday 9 May 2012

The floods have subsided and the road across the marshes is open again.

Little Clacton Road, Great Holland looking south


All the following pictures were taken from where B1032 Clacton Road crosses Holland Brook

Holland Brook looking west towards Holland on Sea


Holland Brook looking towards Holland Haven



What would happen if sea wall between Holland and Frinton was breached?

It is clear that there is much low lying land by Holland Brook that readily floods.

My guess is this land would flood regularly if Holland Brook became tidal.  The sea would start to erode the banks of the Brook thus widening it.  Inevitably the northern part of Holland on Sea would be threatened.  (The southern part is already under threat as the groynes have not been repaired).  Environment Agency have said that Frinton Golf Club, Tennis Club and Cricket Club would flood.

But perhaps that’s just the price of ‘progress’.

What Can You Do?

If you think breaching sea wall and flooding Holland, Frinton and possibly Thorpe and Weeley is a bad idea you could

  • Write to Holland Residents Association
  • Write to your TDC councillor
  • Write to your ECC councillor
  • Write to Douglas Carswell – our mp

And why not leave a comment here.

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