North Naze Review Of Rocks After One Year – Sept 2017

In September 2016 a group of volunteers worked on David Eagle’s plan to defend the very north east part of Naze. One year on how does it look?

But first let’s use Google Earth to compare how the Naze and Jaywick have eroded since 2017.

On 31 Dec 2000 Google Earth shows the north east end of Naze looked like


and on 31 Dec 2012


Clearly a large amount of erosion. Compare the path that goes to the sea wall from the ‘cross’.


While Jaywick on 31 December 2000 Jaywick beach looks like this


and on 31 Dec 2012


Here there is no sign of erosion, no change apart from changing 1 reef groyne to 2 smaller groynes near the left of the pictures.


Back on earth looking south from the beach just north of the Naze sea wall.

January 2013


Dec 2015


September 2017


Clearly there is a huge amount of erosion.  Now the sea can reach the sea wall, which it proceed to erode and ultimately break through.

Comparing pictures taken in 2016 and 2017 of the new sea defenses.













It looks like the rock filled cages have made a difference in slowing the rate of erosion at this specific location.  Though it looks like the cages might be sinking, probably as the sea is removing material from under the cages.

In addition it seems one of the sea wall slabs has been lost.

But the pictures above show the sea is rapdily eroding the material in front of the sea wall to the north of the rock cages.  And the sea is also rapidly eroding the cliffs immeditaly to the south of the rock cages.

Before long the rock cages will be an island

Dec 2015



Sept 2017




What is incredibly fustrating and annoying is that

  1. it is known how to prevent the sea eroding cliifs and sea walls
  2. it has been done in several places in Tendring, Jaywick, Clacton, Holland AND Sunny Point
  3. But Tendring District Council and Environment Agency refuse to act.

Build Groynes

As this post explains




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