A Single Graph Shows CO2 Does Not Change Temperature Change – May 2013

On 24 July 2012 in a lecture at Sydney Institute, Professor Murray Salby clearly demonstrated  rising levels of  CO2 do not change temperatures, increasing temperature leads to rising levels of CO2Hockeyschtick shows it in one graph!


How does this show CO2 does not change temperature.

The green line shows temperature

Then red line shows CO2

The rises and falls in the green line (temperature) COME BEFORE the rises and falls in the red line (CO2).

So changes in CO2 FOLLOW changes in temperature.  One might almost think changes in CO2 are caused by changes in temperature.

The best thing about the graph is it was drawn at WoodForTrees.org so you can draw it yourself. Here’s the processing steps.


And just to make it a bit clearer


And if you really can’t face setting the parameters yourself just put this in your browser


or even simpler click on the link!

Climate sensitivity is something like how much temperature changes with a doubling of CO2 concentration.

The implication is changes in CO2 concentration changes temperature.

But if CO2 concentration FOLLOWS changes in temperature climate sensitivity is meaningless, one might as well look at how CO2 concentrations change with change in FTSE100 or length of skirts.

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