Petition Parliament To Debate Lord Kilmuir’s Letter to Ted Heath

Before 1972 when Prime Minister Edward Heath signed the Treaty of Rome for us to join the common market, now the EU. he asked the top law  officer at the time the legal implications of signing the treaty. This  man, the Lord Chancellor Lord Kilmuir described our constitution evolving from Magna Carta and even before, and wrote that giving away our sovereignty to another state would be illegal.

Heath still signed it  and misled parliament by stating that there was no loss of sovereignty.  Before he died he admitted his conduct in his memoirs.

Lord Kilmuir’s letter was hidden from public under thirty year rule, but a copy is linked to this petition

We require parliament to debate Lord Kilmuir’s letter to Edward Heath

By signing this petition you can help the petition reach 10,000 signatures at which point the government has to comment on it, and the letter’s existence would have to be acknowledged on a government’s own site.

The title  of the petition is extremely boring and obscure and so has not received much attention.

Why does this petition matter?

If Edward Heath signed the treaty for UK to join EEC knowing it involved a loss of sovereignty, which would be illegal, then the treaty would be null and void.  For good measure Heath also misled parliament by claiming there would be no loss of sovereignty.


This post is based on a comment at which goes into this matter in more detail.  There is more comment at The Slog.

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