Reason 1 EA’s Policy of Saltmash Habitat Creation Is Fatally Flawed – Jan 2014

DEFRA have targeted EA with recreating saltmarsh by flooding farmland. Here is reason #1 why this policy is fatally flawed.

DEFRA EA and NE claim rising sea levels are killing saltmarsh.

DEFRA EA and NE claim the rate of sea level rise is accelerating due to global warming/climate change

DEFRA have targetted EA with recreating saltmarsh by knocking holes in sea defences and flooding farmland

As sea levels continue to rise any saltmarsh created will be eroded leading to even more farmland being flooded, to recreate the newly lost saltmarsh.  This policy will eventually lead to the flooding of all UK.

What’s wrong with that?

ps money spent on attempting to create saltmarsh could be spend on maintaing sea defences



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