Salt Marsh Growing Back Despite Rising Sea Levels A Problem For Coastal Squeeze – Nov 2013

Salt marsh is being eroded by a process called  coastal squeeze  which is caused by rising sea levels according to Natural England and Environment Agency.  The following photographs show salt marsh is growing back, at least in one part of Kirby-le-Soken, even though sea levels are rising (slowly!).

This matters as EA’s policy of knocking down sea walls and flooding farmland is based on the claim rising sea levels are eroding salt marsh.

So if salt marsh is growing back why are EA relentlessly pursuing their policy.

October 2011, near Marsh House sluice close to tip.


The darker green plants in background are spartina.

There is nothing much in foreground, close to wall, apart from mud and some algae.

Same location in 2012


There is now clearly salt marsh growing where last year there was just mud.

Same location in 2013


There is less salt marsh than in 2012 but still some, whereas there was none in 2011.

This suggests salt marsh comes and goes, which locals have known all along.

For EA and NE to draw a straight line graph and conclude all salt marsh will be gone in 50, or 100 years is just misguided and silly.

Near Peter Point 2011


Here there is some salt marsh, and small clumps of spartina growing on mud flat.

More or less same location 2013


perhaps it’s just a trick of the light but it seems to me the salt marsh is more abundant and has grown stronger this year.

This photo shows salt marsh growing on mud flat, suggesting there is the possibility salt marsh will repopulate the mud flat.


These photographs are completely incompatible with the simple narrative salt marsh erosion is caused by coastal squeeze and rising sea levels.  Normally when there is evidence which contradicts a theory (coastal squeeze in this case) the theory is abandoned.  Well that’s the fairy story anyway.

EA and NE appear to be clinging to their belief that all salt marsh loss is caused by rising sea levels.  EA and NE are unwilling to consider alternative theories as this post shows  youtube-crabs-and-ragworm-eroding-salt-marsh-in-east-anglia


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