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Sea Continues To Erode Wall and Cliffs At Walton-on-the-Naze – Dec 2015

The sea wall at north east end of the Naze is being eroded away and the sea will soon break through threatening the sewage works which serves Frinton, Walton and surrounding villages. Environment Agency plan to let sea wall fail … Continue reading

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Thanks to Godfrey Bartlett EssexWalks.com

Godfrey sent me this email Hi, Just a note to say I find your analysis of temperature and sea level records fascinating. As much as I love nature reserves for leisure purposes, I’m getting an increasing sense that the big … Continue reading

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How To Create A Flood In Somerset In Pictures – Feb 2014

Then and now pictures of bridge at Burrow Mump show how easy it is to create a flood by not dredging. Photos originally from Richard Norths eureferendum.com   If you don’t know where Burrow Mump is here’s a map courtesy … Continue reading

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Dawlish Sea Wall Network Rail Build Breakwater In A Week – Feb 2014

Dawlish sea wall supporting railway line washed away 4 February 2014.  By 12 February a breakwater had been built.  Why wasn’t this done before? The Problem The Solution The Questions If Network Rail could come up with a solution, even … Continue reading

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John Redwood Writes About EA Again – 10 Feb 2014

John Redwood has another post about EA on his blog today.  I left a comment which wasn’t approved so I’ll post it here. The post is titled Independent Bodies Can Cause Worse Problems Than Elected Ministers.  The post starts of … Continue reading

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Tidal Surge Breaches Sea Wall Levington – Feb 2014

Mark Johnson of EA,  in a witness statement to Information Tribunal, talks about sea wall damage at Shotley but amazingly fails to mention an actual breach across river at Levington Worst damage on west side of River Orwell near Hill … Continue reading

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Somerset EA Spend £31million Flooding Farmland For Bird Sanctuary – Jan 2014

EA says it can not afford £4million to dredge Somerset Rivers but has spent £31million in Somerset knocking down sea walls (managed realignment) to flood farmland in order to create intertidal habitat for birds. 29 January 2014 Daily Mail has … Continue reading

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Tidal Surge And Sea Wall Near Hill House Farm Shotley – Jan 2014

The sea wall near Hill House Farm, Shotley has been damaged,  presumably as a result of tidal surge.  6 weeks on why has EA not started repairs? Here is a picture take from near southern end of the sea wall … Continue reading

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After Days Of Fawning Praise For EA In Media Sky News Airs Complaints – Jan 2014

Media has been awash with praise for EA in wake of recent storms and floods, from politicians and media itself.  In particular media has been full of shock horror stories about cuts to EA staff and budget.  They can’t have … Continue reading

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UK May 2012 Rain – Holland Brook Floods Despite The Drought

On Monday 30 April I posted about EA plan to breach sea wall between Frinton and Holland. During the week it rained a lot and by Friday there were floods all over Tendring. 5 May 2012 From Holland Road, Great … Continue reading

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