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Is UK Met Office Right To Claim Global Temperatures Have Risen?

In 2013 UK Met Office stated temperatures had risen 0.81C between 1880 and 2011 – did they deliberately ignore earlier higher temperatures in CET record, or just forget? A series of parliamentary questions from Lord Donoughue in 2012/13 prompted the … Continue reading

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Murray Salby Showed CO2 Follows Temperature Now You Can Too

In 2011 Professor Murray Salby showed CO2 follows temperature and not as is usually claimed rising CO2 causing rising temperatures.  However he did not show his method or reveal his data sources.  In this post I reproduce some of his … Continue reading

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After Days Of Fawning Praise For EA In Media Sky News Airs Complaints – Jan 2014

Media has been awash with praise for EA in wake of recent storms and floods, from politicians and media itself.  In particular media has been full of shock horror stories about cuts to EA staff and budget.  They can’t have … Continue reading

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Uncertainties In Global Temperature Data – At Least 0.5C – Jan 2014

Graphs of global temperatures in media rarely show uncertainties yet no measurement is completely accurate,   ±0.5C uncertainty is a plausible minimum uncertainty for monthly average temperatures.  UK Met Office say there has been a rise in temperature of 0.8C … Continue reading

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Global Temperature Rise Do Cycles Or Straight Lines Fit Best – May 2013

Which line best fits this graph of global temperature rise  ( HADCRUT4 global mean via woodfortrees.org ) Ok they’re not graphs of temperature but temperature anomaly, which is the difference between temperature at average over some period. A combination of … Continue reading

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