Tendring District Council Considering Restricting Public Access To The Naze

But this is much more than the Naze, all across Essex councils are planning to restrict access near coast and rivers. Why? To stop birds being disturbed, to please Natural England and EU Habitats Directive. Hey I thought we were leaving.



Here’s what Tendring Council have to say.


Here’s a link to the minutes of a workshop held in march 2018.  7 out of 16 attendees were from Natural England.

Among the recommendations for the Naze are

  • Create shorter circular paths off coastal path with particular access from car parks.
  • Promote alternative sites for wind surfers and canoeists away from The Naze such as St. Osyth Lake/Jaywick/end of Clacton beach.
  • The Naze should have seasonal access rather than 365 day access

In the snappily titled

Essex Coast Recreational disturbance Avoidance & Mitigation Strategy (RAMS)Habitats Regulations Assessment Strategy document2018-2038


If you look at table 6.2 on page 47 the work group recommendations for the Naze  have been adopted without modification.

And TDC are  simply adopting these recommendations as they have been endorsed by Natural England.  Don’t the residents have a say?

Does this mean Footpath 36 (Quay lane to Island lane) will be closed?

I amazed there has been so little publicity, no one I have spoken to had heard of these proposals.

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