Observed and Projected Sea Levels At Hinkley Point

Data source www.psmsl.org Date extracted 16-Nov-11

The green dots are the actual observations, or more precisely each dot is the average of one month's observations. The lower black line is the linear trend line of these dots. The upper curving line shows DEFRA 2006 predictions.

The High Medium and Low DEFRA 2009 predictions are the curves in the middle.

For some reason even though these predictions were published in 2006 and 2009 both start from 1990. This allows us to compare how the predictions match observations from 1990 until now. If there is a major difference this means the predictions are wrong and any plan based upon them should be re-examined.

How likely do you think it is that sea levels will rise as predicited by DEFRA 2006 or even as predicted by the Low DEFRA 2009?

observed and projected sealevels at Hinkley Point

The trendline shows a sea level rise of 4.02 mm/year.