Holland Beach Jan 2013 Trevor Brights Questions Prompted By Latest TDC Report

Ten months after the last report TDC publish a 15 page appendix from latest report on the state of Holland Beach.  This has prompted the following questions from Trevor Bright a former engineering project manager.


You can download a pdf version of Trevor’s questions and of the Appendix of the report produced by Mott MacDonald.

The Mott MacDonald appendix basically consists of the following 5 pictures.






10 months later, with yet  another report and it doesn’t seem we’re much further forward.

I’m not sure why Option A is considered at all as it involves the destruction of Clacton and Holland.  I’m not sure why option E is there as it means no beach for most of Holland-on-Sea.

A figure of £27million was mentioned in the Gazette.  Curious this is at least half what was mentioned last year.

Isn’t strange all options seem to have the same cost, but no costs or dimensions are given as far as I can see.

There Are More Urgent Problems Than Holland

I can not understand why Tendring District Council is focusing solely on Clacton and Holland, important though the problems there are.

At the very north east corner of the Naze there is an urgent problem.  Here as far as I can see all TDC have done is put up an fence!  The following photographs show the sea is now only a few feet from breaking through the sea wall. AND the land behind the sea wall is lower than the level  of the beach.

What will happen to the Anglian Water Sewage works if the sea does break through?

What will happen to Tendring’s blue flag beaches, especially if there are UFOs (unidentified floating objects) in the sea or washed up in the beach??




Wouldn’t the £58,000 spent on the latest report be better spent on building some sort of barrier in front of the cliffs.

 What Happens Now?

According to this news release, an exhibition was set up in Holland Public Hall in Frinton Road, Holland, on Monday January 28 and will remain there for two weeks with feedback forms for the public to give their comments.

Somewhat confusingly the press release says

The Clacton and Holland-on-Sea Flood and Erosion Strategy has been approved by the Environment Agency which is now waiting for a Project Appraisal Report (PAR) to be completed.

Bit funny that, it’s been approved but the appraisal report hasn’t been finished??

The statement goes on

“We are as confident as we possibly can be that we are getting to a position where a scheme can get the green light and that we will be able to get all the funding in place to make sure it goes ahead as quickly as possible.”

TDC has set aside £3million with the potential of a further £3million from Essex County Council.

The project will then require further financial backing from the Environment Agency and other sources.

Right, so this means

  • You haven’t got the money
  • You don’t know if you will be able to get the money
  • Which option to build has yet to be chosen
  • And although EA have approved the project it’s yet to get the green light???

May I remind you that DEFRA/EA have never funded new groynes at Clacton and Holland since 2001 when DEFRA was created.  They have funded emergency works to repair the sea wall which were a total waste of the best part of £10million as repairing the sea wall does


Why would EA fund groynes and sea wall when they have been assisting in seminars in Suffolk explaining sea walls don’t work – Environment Agency Slides Show Sea Walls Don’t Work.

Moreover, as I’m sure you know, the next general election is scheduled for 2015. After that anything and everything could change.

Tendring District Council’s (TDC) Cabinet is to go on the road to six towns over the coming months to meet with communities and answer their burning issues. See announcements here and here.  The following dates have been set so far.

  • FEBRUARY 14 – Holland Public Hall, Holland-on-Sea
  • FEBRUARY 19 – Park Pavilion, Harwich
  • MARCH 5 – St James Church Hall, Clacton
  • MARCH 12 – Homelands Free Church Hall, Walton
  • MAY 8 – Colne Community School, Brightlingsea
  • MAY 29 – Venture Centre 2000, Lawford

All the sessions will run from 7pm until 9pm.

So if you have any concerns about the beach go and grill the cabinet!

In the mean time what’s the betting the next step is another report.

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