Holland-on-Sea and Tendring Beaches – What Can We Learn From Selsey

Beach recharge and managed realignment are being discussed at Holland-on-Sea and Tendring, what can we learn from Selsey and Manhood Peninsula Steering Group (mpsg.org.uk)?

Well for a start we can watch their spiffy videos they’ve put on you tube.  Here’s the latest.


I have to say I’m very surprised in the way they seem to have just rolled over and accepted EA’s project to manage realign (i.e. flood) part of their area.

Perhaps this was a factor!


The dredger in the video is the Sospan Dau

She gets about as she has been photographed at HarwichFelixstowe, and all over the place.

It is hardly surprising that beach levels are falling on Tendring coast because of the long term dredging for Harwich Haven.  Over the years they have taken 100 million m3 out of the deep water channel.

No doubt Languard Point would look more like Orfordness if this hadn’t done that.  I don’t suppose it has done much for the long shore drift over the last 50 years either.

The Sospan has been used to put Harwich sand and gravel dredgings on foreshores from Horsey Island to West Mersea.  Why not Holland Haven next time the boat is up here??

After all isn’t Tendring one of the closest and most obvious places to put sand dredged from Harwich, which is actually in Tendring.



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