Is Sea About To Flood The Naze?

Tendring District Council have just announced their plan to renovate the sea front at Holland and Clacton, good thing.  But they seem perfectly willing to let the sea wall at the north of the Naze be washed away.

I haven’t been to the north of the Naze for a few years, at Christmas a friend reckoned I had better hurry up before it was too late.

Guess what?

He was right as these photos show.

See how close the edge of the cliff is to the fence.




Perhaps it’s just me but wouldn’t it have been better to put effort into putting some sort of barrier in front of the cliff than putting up a fence?  After all it has been done by the Naze tower.

Still I guess you’ve got to get your health and safety right.

Any way it does look like someone has had a go at a mini Crag Walk



And it is quite a nice fence.

Perhaps there should be another warning

Don’t stand here too long or you will be washed away!



There is a sea wall with tarmac path on the top which runs from the north east corner of the Naze to Stone Point.

The land behind the sea wall is at or lower than the level of beach (and sea).


As you can see some of the path has already fallen into the sea.


Whilst the sea wall at Holland and Clacton is important this section of cliff is in need of urgent protection.

We’re probably talking weeks not years or months.

Is Tendring District Council and Environment Agency really going to stand by and let this section of sea wall collapse and the land behind it be flooded.

What will  happen if the sewerage works at the Naze is flooded.

If you live in Tendring my recommend is to ask you TDC councillor to lobby TDC.

If you live in Colchester you might feel safe at the moment but when Tendring is gone Colchester will be a seaside town!

In case you didn’t know has drawn up it’s plan for how it will defend the coast of the entire UK for the next 100 years.  This plan is called SMP2 (Shoreline Management Plan 2).

Curiously the intention is to let the Naze fall into the sea.

This is a form of defense I was not previously familiar with.

It is entirely unnecessary to let the Naze fall in the sea. The steps necessary to defend it are well known and have been used before in such far away places is Walton and Frinton.

  1. Build and maintain groynes so that a bank of dry sand forms at the base of the cliffs, thus stopping the sea from eroding them.
  2. Sculpt the face of the cliffs to remove the sheer drop.

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  1. disaster preparedness plan says:

    It would be a big help if a barrier would be put on the sea. Making artificial reef is possible and it would be a great help. We should always focus on this because we don’t know when calamity will strike. It is also better to have a disaster preparedness plan at all times. Thanks for sharing this. Keep safe everyone!

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