Tendring Population Falls Government Orders Plan For New Homes

2011 census shows Tendring had a population of 138,000 yet 2001 census 138,800 a fall of 800 people or 0.6%.


Here is a map of Tendring courtesy of Google.


The main towns are on the coast or along rivers.  This is where developers are applying to build new homes.

The government told Tendring District council to plan for 12,000 new homes or was it 10,000 or 8,000.  We might expect at least 2 people per home so the government is requiring an increase in Tendring’s population of up to 24,000 – a 17% increase on the 2011 census.  Will anyone actually live in these homes if they are built?

Why if population fell between 2001 and 2011 census according to Office for Nation Statistics.  This report shows other areas in increase in population of over 10% during the same 10 years the population of Tendring fell.

Why did Tendring’s population fall?

The short answer is I don’t know, but this Tendring Distring Council report offers some clues. On page 106 (106!!) of this report states there are higher than average rates of

  • unemployment
  • older people living in the region

Is the aim to turn Tendring into one giant care home?  Where the main job opportunities are to commute out of Tendring or work in a care home?

If thousands of new homes have to be built wouldn’t it make more sense to build new towns closer to Colchester and Ipswich, rather than cram new homes into existing sea side towns?

Here is how Environment Agency see our coast in 2105,  in short anything not marked green indicates EA plan to knock down sea defenses.  Roughly half of Tendring’s coastline will be abandoned 

  • St Osyth to Jaywick
  • Holland Haven to Frinton
  • The Naze


Environment Agency Plan For Tendring Coastline By 2105

Environment Agency Plan For Tendring Coastline By 2105


It is really bizarre one part of government is telling Tendring to plan for new homes at the same time another part of government is planning to let parts of Tendring be flooded by the sea.

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